Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's day gift guide

One could say that some traits of being a dad is universal. A dad will occasionally make awkward dad jokes, muttering aloud to himself when scrolling through the news, and being the self-proclaimed Master of the grill. But he is also kind, supportive and the coolest person in the world. So this year, let's spoil dad with something extra comfortable that he will enjoy for a long time. 

Here are our best tips! 


Is your dad warm one minute and cold the next? And can't decide if to wear socks or not? Then we recommend Men's Patio - the slipper with the perfect combination of being warm, but not too warm. Patio is a super soft slipper with warming shearling and an open toe for air. Equipped with a rubber outsole so he can be the Master by the grill, as well as the Master of the TV remote. Patio comes in Army green suede and Black suede. Looks good with PJs, denim and shorts.  


For the dad who always managed to have a sophisticated look about him, even when he is wearing a casual stay-home outfit, we recommend the Men's Slowfer to keep his fashion-game strong. The Slowfer is an indoor slipper inspired by the classic loafer but with the comfiness of a slipper. It can feel dressy but also casual depending on your mood. Wear the Slowfer with a PJ or together with dressed pants and show-worthy socks when hosting dinner. 

Men's Slowfer Brown Suede


Does your dad prefer a night at home with a glas of wine, listening to old classics? Does he think padel and hiking is overrated? Then your dad will LOVE our super comfy shearling models. The perfect slippers for the person who prefer feeling comfortable at all times! Below, Men's Fritz Shearling Black Suede with fluffy and warming shearling. If interested in more colors, see the whole Shearling Collection here.

Men's Fritz Shearling Black Suede

We hope you found the perfect house slipper in premium quality for your dad. Happy Father's Day!  

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