Who we are

Inabo was founded in 2018 by us, Sofia Jansson and Ludvig Lindberg. Real life partners and slipper life business partners. Born from the Swedish tradition of always taking your shoes off when you enter a home, our vision is to create beautiful yet comfortable indoor shoes equally suitable for entertaining as for solitary relaxation. Inabos are stylish enough to match your painstakingly designed home, the art on you walls and your curated outfit, but also comfortable enough to wear when lounging on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.



 Dreamt up in Stockholm, brought to life in Portugal

We have the pleasure of working with a small, family run shoe factory outside of Porto, Portugal. By working closely with their talented shoemakers, we have been able to take part of their experience and know-how throughout our development process. Using the finest craftsmanship (Working entirely by hand they..) they produce our slippers (by hand,) (with 16 manual steps going into the making of each shoes.


Material Matters

Our slippers are made out of soft premium leather and suede sourced from Spain. Our  insole is built up with a slight arch support and heel indent with a soft cushioning layer on top. All covered in a soft goat leather and suede lining. Suede covers the forward part of the insole to prevent the slippers from sliding off when worn with socks. The sole is finished with a thin Italian leather outsole. All for superior comfort and soundless sliding over floorboards.



Beautiful playful, wish to keep. Bag for carrying with you. Bring a bottle of wine.