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Meet the Perfect
House Slipper

Equal Parts stylish and comfortable. What you want to wear when lounging on the couch, yet elegant enough for your friend’s dinner party. Yup, perfect house slippers.

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"Stylish enough to match your painstakingly designed home, the art on you walls and your curated outfit, but also comfortable enough to wear when lounging on the couch."

"Nothing wrong with socks, but really, who’s going to say no to a handmade, supple, leather-soled slipper?"

"They’re great because they are soft and comfortable as all good slippers should be, while still retaining a sense of sophistication that is too often reserved for out-of-home style."

Handmade slippers designed for all moments at home. Our timeless slippers will see you from slow weekend mornings to dinner parties at home. Comfortable and versatile, never sacrificing style.

Upgrade Your Downtime Moments

Our mission is simple: to help you slow down and enjoy downtime. We believe happiness is enjoying the small things in life.

Through Inabo, we want to encourage people to take a break every once in a while and let doing nothing be something intentional. Something that gives you energy and helps you reload. We are not afraid to go slow when others go fast.


Elevated Style

We created the perfect balance between style and comfort. The classic look makes our slippers the perfect complement to any outfit - so whether you want to dress up or down, you will do so in style.


Every Inabo slipper is handmade in Portugal. Our factory wasn't selected for its speed of production, but rather for its love of the craft of shoemaking, and extraordinary attention to detail.

Luxurious Comfort

Inabos are like clouds for your feet, handcrafted to perfection with a uniquely designed inner sole constructed from 7 separate elements.

Renew your homewear

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The leather is relaxing allowing ample room. They are devastatingly elegant & make my casalinga duties much more enjoyable.

Celeste L.

I’ve never been a slipper person before trying the Inabos. I find them extremely comfortable and wear them daily!

Madeleine Andersson

My Inabos have been put to good use in these past months of working from home. Now my girlfriend will get a pair as well.!

Christian P.